We assist and advise the customer to choose the best materials for each project, considering the stability and colour requirements, technical-physical characteristics and designated use. Excellent partnerships in to find and supply of materials, for getting any natural stone: indoor and outdoor marble, granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, onyx and other stones according to the best Italian style and tradition, in any size, form and dimension, giving great attention to quality but also to costs. We specialise in creating high quality indoor and outdoor marble flooring, stairs, covering, worktops for kitchens, bathroom vanity tops made to measure.


Outdoor natural stone flooring

If you are looking for versatility, natural stones works as patio and garden path paving for any property type, whether contemporary or traditional. They are suitable for a whole host of externally areas, such as driveways, gardens, patios, pathways. They are durable and able to withstand the rigours of wildly fluctuating climate and are fairly easy to maintain.

In the choice of natural stone for outdoor settings, the territorial location in which it will be placed will be decisive. They are strong stones to use for paving but this depends on the thickness and how they are laid.

We offer local marbles, such as the Pietra di Verona or Pietra della Lessina in pink or white colour or the red colour of Rosso Asiago or the beige of Botticino. We supply Trani or Giallo Istria, with a colour ranging from beige to brown. Availability of products with darker and more intense colours such as Bleu Stone and Silver Gray granites. Our range of outdoor products also includes Quartzite, Slate, Porphyry, Luserna Stone. 

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