Wanting to always stay abreast of the times and perceptive to the emerging demands Brc Marmi are able to offer marble flooring made in Italy and surfaces exclusive. Soft surfaces, rough, opaque or polished, honed. In addition acid-washed finishing, brushed, sand blasted, antiqued, tumbled and flamed. Therefore water flaming finishing, split-faced, brush-hammered, chiselled edge. Many others surfaces that modern technology and the imagination of dynamic people may coordinate and implement. Finishes and processes suitable for floor and wall tiling, coverings, stone cutting, special pieces, kitchen and bathroom tops, indoor and outdoor stairs, slabs, as well as many other bespoke stone products to cater for our customer’s needs.


Choosing a Stone Finish for Your Application

Many finishes are intended for the furnishing of private home and residences, hotels, wellness and spa. According to the customer’s desires, we offer products entirely handmade in Italy, satisfying even the most refined in taste. We are committed to providing our customers with a good quality service, helping with the selection, measurements, site survey, delivery and installation of our products. Our staff try to accommodate all tastes. 

Line Patinato

the material is worked using smoothing and special abrasive brushes to obtain an elegant velvet effect


Line Classico

the material is worked using smoothing process and metallic shot blasting. A special chloral processing is used which is able to make the pigmentation of the stone stand out. This “antiqued” effect is obtained by a final water repellent treatment 


Line Saten

the material is worked using smoothing process and metallic shot blasting which is then partially removed by special brushing technique using various abrasive grits 


Line Starlet

the material is mechanically worked by bush-hammering later removed by special abrasives which are able to create a soft surface


Line Levigato/Lux

the material is mechanically worked with diamond abrasives, polishing it for a smooth matt finish without imperfections


Line Anticato/Lux

the material is worked using metallic shot blasting process to make the sides slightly rustic and then smoothed by special abrasives


Line Evo/Dekapè

the material is processed with heat treatment at high temperature then softened by special abrasives


Line Burattato

the honed material is processed in special machines with mechanical movement, such as rolling and vibration


For the treatment, cleaning and maintenance of our natural stones we rely on our experience and the wide range of Moeller products

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