Choosing stone for yuor home is like choosing jewelry. The inherent beauty of stone, the variety that is available, the unique quality of every slab, all offer the opportunity to decorate and enhance the home in a very personal way. For this reason we assist and advise the customer to choose the best materials for each project considering the stability and colour requirements, technical-physical characteristics and designated use. We have excellent partnerships in to find and supply of materials, for getting any natural stone. So we offer marble, granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, onyx, slate flooring and other stones according to the best italian style and tradition. In any size, form and dimension, giving great attention to quality but also to costs. Also we are specialised  in creating high quality flooring, stairs, covering, worktops for kitchens, bathroom vanity tops made to measure.


All become more glamorous with stone

Design professionals are increasingly looking at natural stone products and are attracted to the depth of colour and texture of slate and other types of stone. Slate is a high-quality, durable natural stone nonporousand; for this reason is besides extremely resistant and requires very little maintenance. Certainly this quality allows it to not only provide a great appearance to rooms in which it is used, but it also raises the value of homes.

Slate tiles is beautiful natural stone tiles with color variations that give each piece a distinctive look. This stone has a natural split surface so the thickness of the material varies a bit. Additionally, for an area that is likely to draw a fair amount of moisture, slate tiles work well because of their ability to withstand dampness.

Slate flooring and cladding are suitable for inside homes, commercial and shop areas, bars and restaurants, outdoor pathways, patios and wall facing. Then can be made to look shiny or matt, depending on individual preference.

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