Many decorations with geometric tiles to have marble mosaic tiles, also glued on net, to have an old but contemporary style that allow you to create unique and infinite solutions for any room. Ideal for covering walls, showers and as an insert in coverings and floors to form mosaics, rosettes and much more. All handmade products in resistant and long-lasting marble for each style, perfect to make rich and beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces with originality and refinement, according to the special customer’ desires and furnishing requirements. We offer an array of materials to supply a variety of beautiful designs of marble fireplaces, colums, fountains, sinks in streamlined designs or more elaborate.


We supply premium marble mosaic tiles, as well as marble tiles, natural stone tiles and exterior paving. We ensure all of our products are of the highest quality, whilst still competitively priced, making them an affordable option. Mosaic tile is available in beautiful natural stone designs and is an excellent choice for an eye-catching kitchen backsplash, a functional yet elegant shower floor, sauna and wellness areas and so much more. Tile is a single piece of natural stone and is typically square, rectangular, but can be hexagon, and many other designs with honed, tumbled or glossy surface. The mosaic stones are glued on a net for easier placement on the surface. Whatever your needs may be, we can help to ensure that they are met.mosaic to decorate your interior and exterior spaces. 

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