Marble and granite manufacturing in Verona

Tradition and Innovation

Craftsmanship and innovation blend at Brc Marmi, offering tailor-made solutions in natural stone.

Prestigious Materials

Pioneers in innovative finishes, we transform high-quality materials into works of art for any setting.

Professional Consultancy

We guide each client with expert advice, from selecting materials to installing the finished product.


Passion and experience supported by new energies offer our customers, the architects, the designers and to anyone with an attraction for the high-quality Made in Italy, an extremely refined marble and granite production. 

Marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful stones that, from the first glance, has the ability to convey emotions and speak to the human heart, transmitting sensations of strength, durability, compactness, and permanence. This is why it has been valued from antiquity to the present day for its varied appearance and solidity.

In architecture, the use of marble and natural stone in general, and the production of marble and granite, are embedded in an unparalleled tradition.

Every Stone a Page of History

We continue to look to the future with marble production made in Italy. For this we have been committed for many years to writing new pages of our wonderful story to create outstanding surfaces on natural stone.

It is for these reasons that it has been valued from antiquity to the present day for its varied appearance and solidity. In fact our team adopts a consolidated working method that puts the customer, the technical office and production.

In particular our texture range improves the aesthetics of design products even customized. Such as marble tops and kitchen islands, indoor and outdoor stairs, living areas, bathroom furnishings, flooring, etc. for a real touch and feel experience.

Seeing, and touching is believing. The different colour tones of natural stones offer consequently agreeable and contemporary colour combinations for a bright and extremely appealing result.


In an area dedicated to hospitality the unprecedented glamour of marble add elegance to the interior flooring and cladding. Give in addition an elegant and cosy look to the entire living space. Importantly marble and stone are construction materials that will always be the protagonists in furnishings.

Choosing especially this noble material means giving a touch of refinement and luxury to the environment.

For this our marble production made in Italy and our professional consultation are at our customers disposal.

Whether seeking exquisite and timeless, country or modern, honed or polished surfaces…we cater for them all. In fact the satisfaction of our customers is absolutely a point of reference that gives us the strength and will to improve every day.

Limestone: Natural Beauty and Versatility

Limestone is the ideal choice for those seeking a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

This compact sedimentary rock stands out for its monochrome and versatility, making it suitable for both interiors and exteriors.

With its subtle veining and delicately beige hues, Limestone enriches any space with a touch of naturalness and sophistication. We offer a wide range of finishes, from polished to brushed, to suit any style, whether classic or modern.

With Limestone, every project becomes a work of art, combining aesthetic prestige and lasting durability.

Elegance in Red: The Charm of Verona Red and Asiago Red Marble

Verona Red and Asiago Red Marble embodies Italian elegance, with its unique reddish hue that varies from light red to brown.

This stone, extracted in Veneto, is renowned for its versatility and beauty, suitable for both interiors and exteriors. Thanks to its durability and the variety of finishes available, from polished to antiqued, it is perfect for creating prestigious settings, from flooring to furniture accents.

Brc Marmi’s craftsmanship enhances every detail, making each space unique and refined.

The Charm and Versatility of Marble: Unique Furnishing Solutions

Marble transforms any environment with its unmistakable charm, offering furnishing solutions that combine simplicity and sophistication.

Thanks to its variable crystalline structure, it adapts to multiple applications, both indoors and outdoors, embellishing spaces with different colors and finishes.

From light to more intense shades, marble is distinguished by its unique veins or the uniformity of its structure, making it ideal for any setting, classic or modern.

The “open book” technique further enhances its beauty, creating surprising and original decorative effects, perfect for vertical coverings or design furniture tops.

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