Brc Marmi was born in 1963 with italian marble sale and with the production of slabs, customized floors in polished and honed marble.

However In 1986 the intuition of the Rigo family will lead the company to be among the first in Italy to create new and innovative surfaces.

Particularly every single element can be shaped through sandblasting, brushing, tumbling, scratching, chlorine washing and with water-repellent wax treatment. Thereafter competence and professional skills, the guarantee of product quality and innovation, are the solid foundations on which any company can differentiate itself on the market and make its customers very happy, just like Brc Marmi. The particular attention to detail makes indeed the solutions so discreet that they go unnoticed. Seriousness, care, passion, experience and reliability are our keywords. Therefore we always assist our customer in every single phase of his purchase gladly.

Definitely, people who turn to BRC Marmi can count on a partner who can provide advice that goes from the early stages of the project to the installation of the finished product.


The constant technical and professional growth combined with the know-how acquired in over 50 years of experience have definitely allowed BRC Marmi to also turn to the European market, making it an ideal, trusty, precise and punctual partner to specific solutions for different needs.

In addition to selling Verona Red Marble, etc., it has proven to be an ideal partner, reliable, accurate, and timely in finding specific solutions for various needs, both in Italy and abroad.


In a perspective of development and constant growth, aiming to expand horizons, changing locations and targeting a varied and passionate international audience, BRC Marmi has seen itself participating without a doubt in the most important trade fair events in the sector by sale italian marble and much more.

Seriousness, expertise, and professionalism will be the main drivers of the personalized service offered to all customers.

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