Choosing stone for your home is like choosing jewelry. The inherent beauty of stone, the variety that is available, the unique quality of every slab, all offer you the opportunity to decorate and enhance your home in a very personal way. We assist and advise the customer to choose the best materials for each project, considering the stability and colour requirements, technical-physical characteristics and designated use. Excellent partnerships in to find and supply of materials, for getting any natural stone: marble, granite, travertine, agglo marble, limestone, sandstone, onyx and other stones according to the best Italian style and tradition, in any size, form and dimension, giving great attention to quality but also to costs. We specialise in creating high quality flooring, stairs, covering, worktops for kitchens, bathroom vanity tops made to measure.

Agglo marble quartz

Agglo marble quartz surfaces for supreme design and proven durability for complete peace of mindfor is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries at home, public spaces or as part of a residential or commercial project. It is a material composed of fragmented marble and becomes compact after being mixed with binding substances such as resin. Be good for almost exclusively to internal use and is supplied with a matt or polished surface for wall and flooring, stairs, tiles, kitchen islands, vanities tops, coverings, stairs.

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