Wanting to always stay abreast of the times and perceptive to the emerging demands Brc Marmi are able to offer marble flooring made in Italy and surfaces exclusive. Soft surfaces, rough, opaque or polished, honed. In addition acid-washed finishing, brushed, sand blasted, antiqued, tumbled and flamed. Therefore, water flaming finishing, split-faced, brush-hammered, chiselled edge. Many others surfaces that modern technology and the imagination of dynamic people may coordinate and implement. Finishes and processes suitable for floor and wall tiling, coverings, stone cutting, special pieces, kitchen and bathroom tops, indoor and outdoor stairs, slabs, as well as many other bespoke stone products to cater for our customer’s needs. Rosso Verona and Rosso Asiago sale, Travertine sale and much more.

Edge finishing

Choosing a Stone Edge Finish for your Application

Our surfaces giving a beautiful antiqued and weathered look that is classic, timeless and contemporary at the same time, which adds warmth to any décor. So give some thought to the finish that best fits your lifestyle and your design aesthetic and pretty soon you will be walking barefoot on your own natural stone flooring.

Line Chiseled

We chipped off or broken off the edges of the natural stones. Chiseled edge contains a marvellous blend of ancient and contemporary. This finish also embodies a technical combination partially produced by machine and partially by hand.


Line Liberty

The edges of the natural stones are mechanically rounded off to obtain a slightly wavy or straight edge. This technique is produced by brushing the edge with specialized diamond-infused bristles, to create a smoother edge. Due to its flatness and elegance, it can be considered as a contemporary design style.


Line Tumbled

We rounded off the edges of the natural stones by a vibrating drum-like machine with smaller, more resistant stones. The result enhances the natural beauty of the stone and his edge by highlighting its intricacies and giving it an aged appearance.


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