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The aged, tumbled appearance of these stones provides a real sense of history and permanency. Certainly, even newly laid stones feel as if they’ve been there forever. Wonderful tumbled compositions, mosaics and decorations with many colours of nature to give a beautiful atmosphere in your house. The marble mosaic, borders, rosaces are small tile hand-glued on net for easy installation. Antic marble tile in tumbled surface and rounded edges is supplied glued on Net. Of course, the exclusive natural stone mosaic and tiles are suitable as wall or floor tiles and can be used indoors or outdoors. Therefore, this ageless marble tile with its soft tumbled finish is one of the most popular stones in our range. Also available in matching marble flooring. Furthermore, we recommend treating the tiles with a natural wax after laying so this way, the natural structure and stone colour comes up.

Many marble mosaic tiles decorations with geometric forms to have an older but contemporary style that allow you to create unique and infinite solutions for any room. Ideal for covering walls, showers and as an insert in coverings and floors to form mosaics, rosettes and much more. All handmade products, glued on net or single pieces, in resistant and long-lasting marble for each style. Of course, perfect to make beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces with originality and refinement in according to the special customer’s desires and furnishing requirements. Certainly, we offer an array of materials to supply a variety of beautiful designs of marble fireplaces, columns, fountains, sinks in streamlined designs or more elaborate.

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