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Adonite is a Made in Italy product that binds marble pebbles or other decorations, such as coffee beans, with clear or colored epoxy resin. For this reason, it is used in designing stylish interiors, from marble tiles to marble bathroom countertops.

Interior designers choose it for creating prestigious stone and resin flooring or for covering walls and columns, for tables and decorations that are distinguished by their elegance, beauty, and unparalleled originality. In addition to marble, it is possible to incorporate special decorative elements such as coffee beans, shells, sand, and more upon request.

The goal is to enhance the finest qualities of natural stone by creating products in all types of marble, up to and including high-quality materials. It is precisely because of its always different and original characteristics that natural stone gives each finished product uniqueness and sophistication.

Many marble mosaic tiles decorations with geometric forms to have an older but contemporary style that allow you to create unique and infinite solutions for any room. Ideal for covering walls, showers and as an insert in coverings and floors to form mosaics, rosettes and much more. All handmade products, glued on net or single pieces, in resistant and long-lasting marble for each style. Of course, perfect to make beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces with originality and refinement in according to the special customer’s desires and furnishing requirements. Certainly, we offer an array of materials to supply a variety of beautiful designs of marble fireplaces, columns, fountains, sinks in streamlined designs or more elaborate.

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