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Characteristics of Verona Red Marble - Asiago Red

Verona Red / Asiago Red Marble is an Italian marble extracted from various quarries in Veneto, well-known and appreciated in the natural stone industry.

Its regular and elegant structure is characterized by a distinct warm reddish hue with shades that vary from light red to dark red, from bright red to brown.

These unique features of its unmistakable red color depend on the block extraction and the specific area of the quarry. It can be cut in vein or cross-vein direction, and it is precisely based on the block cutting intended that darker and lighter “spots” will appear on the surface.

This renowned natural stone is suitable for classic and prestigious settings due to its elegant and refined appearance, both indoors and outdoors. It plays a central role in the decor of hotels, wellness centers, chalets, living rooms in private homes, and rustic environments like cellars or taverns, in the form of flooring, wall cladding, or staircases, sinks, kitchen countertops, bathroom tops, etc.

Useful Information on Antiqued Asiago Red Marble and Rustic Asiago Red Marble

Verona Red or Asiago Red Marble is available in the classic polished or honed finish. However, in recent years, the surface mainly requested and for which this natural product is most suited is the Antiqued finish, in its various, more or less aged, types.

Thanks to thirty years of artisanal experience, Brc Marmi specializes in the processing of antiqued natural stone in all its facets, skillfully combining ancient artisanal techniques with the most modern methodologies.

In detail, the processes of Antiqued Red range from brushed to aged orange peel to rustic tumbled, with or without hydrophobic treatment. This particular treatment creates a natural protection that highlights the shades and facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the marble itself. The various possibilities in the creation of edges, from soft to chiseled or tumbled, make the finished products unique and of considerable quality and value.

Another strength of Verona Red or Asiago Red Marble is its high resistance to atmospheric agents and low temperatures, being a very strong and compact material. It remains unchanged over time and is suitable for many anti-slip treatments due to its very hard and resistant structure. For this reason, it is used in outdoor environments for paving squares or sidewalks, wall claddings, and urban furniture, for staircases, fountains, columns, or statues. Typical exterior finishes of Verona Red Asiago are bush-hammered, sandblasted and acidified, antiqued, and rolled.

It is available in slabs or custom cuts such as steps, risers, thresholds, window sills, in standard thicknesses of 2 or 3 cm (also available on request in greater thicknesses and solid pieces), and in square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal tiles, running lengths, baseboards, mosaic on net, tumbled pebbles, etc., in thickness of 1 cm.

It is often used in combination with White Asiago Marble or Bianco Perlino or Biancone for the creation of checkered flooring, octagonal and hexagonal tiles with the insertion of small squares or for paneling combined with Greek frets and profiles.

Standard flooring formats: 30.5×30.5×1 cm – 30x30x1.5 cm – 30.5×1 or 30×1.5 running (variable lengths) – 61×30.5×1 cm – 60x30x1.5 cm – 40x40x1.2 cm – 50x50x2 cm – 60x60x2 cm or slab utilization.

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